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Idioms from Fruit and Veggies

Each example below has an idiom related to a fruit or vegetable.  Can you guess the meaning of each idiom from the context?  Try to match each idiom (1-6) with its definition (a-f).

  • Most teachers are very hardworking and professional, but there are a few bad apples who don't care too much students.

  • Janet is the apple of his grandfather's eye.  His grandfather adores her.

  • Amy is a very tidy person.  Her room is always in apple-pie order.

  • Everyone was nervous about the race except Bill, who was as cool as a cucumber.

  • They tried very hard to work on the project but it didn't bear fruit.

  • Sam is very shy.  If a girl starts talking to him, he will go as red as a beet.

Idiom Definition
1.  a bad apple a.  a person or thing that is very precious and loved most  
2.  the apple of one's eye b.  to be very calm and relaxed, especially in a difficult situation
3.  to be in apple-pie order c.  one bad person in a group of people who are good
4.  as cool as a cucumber d.  to produce successful results
5.  to bear fruit e.  to become very red in the face, usually because you are embarrassed
6.  to go as red as a beet f.  to be very tidy and in good order

Hazel says, "I love my dog Hana very much - she is the apple of my eye!"

More Practice:

A.  Each sentence below has an idiom, but there is something wrong with each idiom.  Can you find and correct each one?

1.  Joe is a very organized person.  Look at his desk - it's always in lemon-pie order.

2.  We were all disappointed to find our newly conceived project didn't bear fruits.

3.  He went as red as an apple when his girlfriend kissed him.

4.  I expected him to be all nervous before his interview but he was as cold as a cucumber.

5.  The baby is the apple of her mother's eyes.  She thinks he's adorable.

6.  You will always find one or two bad pears in every organization.

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