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Idioms from Body Parts

Each example below has an idiom with a body part(s).  Can you guess the meaning of each idiom from the context?  Try to match each idiom (1-7) with its definition (a-g).

  • I don't like talking to Jim.  He has a big mouth and can't keep any secrets.

  • Everything in that new boutique costs an arm and a leg. I don't think I can afford to buy anything there.

  • I have a sweet tooth: I like chocolate, ice cream, and almost all kinds of desserts.

  • Trying to find a parking space downtown is really a pain in the neck.

  • There is no test tomorrow.  Don't believe John. He's just pulling your leg.

  • I put my foot in my mouth when I told my friend that she was getting fat. She got so angry with me!

  • I can't get along with my sister. We don't see eye to eye on almost anything.



1.  a big mouth

a.  to like sweet foods very much

2.  to cost an arm and a leg

b.  talks too much and cannot keep secrets

3.  to have a sweet tooth

c.  to joke, or trick someone

4.  a pain in the neck

d.  to agree totally

5.  to pull someone's leg

e.  something or someone that is annoying

6.  to put one's foot in one's mouth

f.   to be very expensive

7.  to see eye to eye

g.  say something (usually something inappropriate or stupid) that makes a person feel embarrassed or angry.



"I put my foot in my mouth when I told Hazel that she was getting old!  She looked very angry!!"



More Practice:

A.  Each sentence below has an idiom, but there is something wrong with each idiom.  Can you find and correct each one?

1.  My sister loves chocolate and cakes.  She has sweet teeth.

2.  My parents never argue.  They always see eye on eye.

3.  Don't believe him.  He's just pulling your legs.

4.  Renting a nice house in Tokyo costs a leg and an arm.

5.  Taking the subway during rush hours is a pain in the back.

6.  Don't tell Jen any secret.  She has a large mouth.

7.  A:  Yukiko was so mad at me.

     B:  Why?

     A:  I asked her if she was pregnant!  She said, "No!  But I have put on some


     B:  Oh!  You've put your feet in your mouth, haven't you?


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