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Unit 3.6: Saying Goodbye

As a guest, what should you say when you want to leave, say, a party or your host's? As a host, what should you say in return? In this Unit, we will look at some common expressions for saying goodbye.

  • Guest - Stating You Have to Leave

  • Well, it's getting late.  I'd better get going.

  • I'm afraid I have to go.  I have a big day tomorrow.  (a big day = a busy day)

  • I'd better be off.  I have to get up early tomorrow.

  • I'd better get going.  It's a long drive home.

  • Well, time to go.  (informal)

  • Time to hit the road.  (idiom, informal)

  • Guest - Thanking Your Host

  • Thanks for a lovely evening. (formal)

  • Thanks for a lovely time. (formal)

  • Thank you for inviting us.

  • Thank you for having me over.

  • I had a great time.  Thanks.

  • I had a lovely evening.  Thanks for asking me over.

  • Thanks for the food and drinks!

  • Thanks for the good food and good company.

  • Host - Saying Goodbye

  • It's been our pleasure to have you here.  (formal)

  • It's been a delightful visit.   (formal)

  • Thank you for coming.

  • Thanks for dropping by.

  • Glad you could come.

  • Come back soon.

  • Let's do this again soon.

  • We have to do this again sometime.

  • We have to do this more often.

Exercise - Click on the link below:

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