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Unit 1.2: Responding to "How have you been?"

As you can see in Unit 1.1, when we greet someone we know, we usually will ask the question "how are you" or "how have you been?"  Below are some useful responses.

  • Expressing You're Healthy and Fine 

    • I'm fine.

    • Great.

    • Couldn't be better.

    • (I) can't complain.


  • Expressing You're Busy

    • (I've) been busy.

    • I'm snowed under.  (Meaning:  I'm very busy)

    • Very busy.  There aren't enough hours in the day.


  • Expressing You Have Been Doing OK (Neutral)

    • So-so.

    • Same as always.

    • Same as usual.

    • Plugging along.  (informal)


  • Expressing You Have Not Been Doing Well

    • Not too great.

    • Not so good.

    • Not too well.

    • Could be better.

    • Lousy.  (Meaning:  very bad) (slang)

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