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This is a free online English learning website with a main focus on vocabulary.

Vocabulary learning is very important in language acquisition. By "vocabulary", I mean not only single words, but more importantly, phrases such as fixed expressions, phrasal verbs, collocations, idioms, and so on.

This website contains mini self-study lessons on idioms and phrasal verbs.  There are also many useful expressions arranged in accordance with their functions. In addition, I have put together some lessons on confusing words - words that many English learners find difficult to distinguish and use. Finally, there are some short reading comprehension lessons featuring Canada and different festivals around the world.

This website is not yet finished (it never will be!). I am planning to add new lessons to the existing sections above from time to time, so please be sure to bookmark this site and return as often as you want.

I also have an Online English blog in which I write about different things, such as learning English, interesting stories, news articles, etc. I use simple English and introduce common English phrases and expressions in the blog. Please feel free to visit and post a comment or two!

Please tell your friends or anyone you know who is learning English about this website.

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